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In The Beginning...

Photography for me began as a hobby. My professional background began with Software Engineering and Computer Science, and continued with a graduate degree in business. This background has been the basis for much of my technical skills.

While not a photography school, my college days did see the beginning of my digital photography as a hobby. The computer science and engineering curriculum also gave me an understanding of the optics and technical principles behind images and the cameras we use to capture them.

After college, and after going through several models of "point & shoot" cameras, my photography skills had exceeded the capabilities of the cameras I was using. I upgraded to an entry-level digital SLR camera, and started teaching myself the ins & outs of using a more professional grade of equipment. Of course, as I learned more about the equipment, I had to keep acquiring more equipment about which to learn. It's a vicious cycle.

On The Road (Or Air, Or Sea)

Armed with my new camera, I quickly fell in love with the diverse array of scenery, plants, and animals anywhere I traveled. Since I had a "day job" to maintain, I tried to combine personal and family vacations with opportunities for capturing this natural beauty. I even started considering it a "vacation expense" to purchase some new piece of equipment to use each time I went traveled.

In the early Spring of 2008, I spent a week photographing the beautiful scenery of Central America, some of which can be seen in the Central America (2008) gallery. My journey started with Lake Coatepeque in El Salvador, and the nearby Mayan ruins of San Andrés and Cerro Verde national park. The next location was the impressive Mayan ruins of Tikal in Guatemala. From there, I continued to the beautiful ocean views of Caye Caulker, an island off the coast of Belize. I went from Belize to the more tourist-oriented beach of Cancún and the nearby Isla Mujeres. Though I found fewer opportunities for capturing natural scenery, I finished the week in Mexico City. For any readers traveling to that area, I can, however, recommend visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral in the Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square), Museo de Arte Moderno (Museum of Modern Art), and Museo Nacional de Antropología (National Anthropological Museum).

In November of 2008, I again found myself with the time to travel in search of more photographic opportunities. I purchased two new lenses better suited to capturing nature and scenery and embarked on a journey through the Southern United States. To the east, I traveled as far as New Orleans. From there, I turned west and drove across Texas. Though I stopped in Houston, San Antonio, and Galveston, the best of the images I captured (which can be seen in the Southern United States (2008) gallery) were taken in Big Bend National Park. My final shooting location before returning from this trip was White Sands National Monument, where white colored sand is formed from the erosion of the nearby San Andres and Sacramento Mountains.

In January of 2009, I was able to take a long weekend and fly to Vail, Colorado, where I captured some majestic views of the snow-covered Rocky Mountains. The scenery (and altitude) are much more breath-taking than one can express in a picture (though a few attempts at expressing it can be seen in the Vail, Colorado (2009) gallery). For those who can ski, some of the best scenery can be seen from the peaks of ski resort mountains, though there are also many designated areas along the highway where motorists can safely pull over and take in the sights.

In May of 2011, I traveled to (and around) Alaska. With the long days, just a little remaining snow, and only the first few tourists of the season, the vast landscapes of our largest and northernmost state were a sight to behold, and can be seen in the Alaska (2011) gallery. This voyage included Homer, Anchorage, the scenic train ride to Denali National Park and on to Fairbanks, Barrow, and Glacier National Park. This was the first gallery with shots from my new EOS 7D camera body and 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. Combined with a 2x extender, I was able to capture some amazingly close images of the local fauna.

Professional Photography

Ever since I started buying equipment for my digital SLR camera, I have been trying to figure out how to pay for it. Like many beginning photographers, I tried selling stock images. Unfortunately, the pictures I like taking did not appear to be a good fit for the stock image market.

I started down the path of professional photography when I was asked at the last moment to fill in for a wedding photographer that was unable to attend. The wedding included a ceremony and two receptions, which lasted about 10 hours. I shoot mostly in a photojournalistic style, with additional traditional pictures of the wedding party and any other requested individuals, typically taken between the ceremony and the reception. I deliver a CD or DVD (depending on the size of the image set) with selected images on it, and can also deliver prints with some types of image enhancement upon request.

I am located in Scottsburg, Indiana, about half an hour north of Louisville, Kentucky. I am available in and around Scottsburg and Louisville, and am open to traveling farther if travel expenses are covered.

What Next?

I plan to continue traveling in search of new scenery and types of wildlife to photograph. Areas I am currently considering include the Western United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Russia, and Northern Europe.

Locally, I am available for weddings and special events, and am willing to discuss other services as well. My next job is up to you!